What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? Have the courage to step through the door to the rest of your life.

Learn to observe the world around and explore how we fit in – how our lives come together with nature and each other. Don’t shut yourself off from others; don’t be afraid to show emotions. Share your feelings and thoughts. We all need to feel we belong to someone, some place. We wonder where we are going, if we will know it when we get there. We all feel lost sometimes; we need to be able to recognize our purpose in life.

So often people are judged by what they have in material possessions, learn to know what is important. Work toward what we can leave as a legacy of our lives, not material wealth but spiritual wealth. Make peace with your life and what you want to do with that life and then you will be more open to that life.

Live life like each day is the last day you have for today is all we have. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a vision.


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