Woke up early this morning thinking about my Momma and Daddy and father-in-law. All three died in the month of January; Pops in 1974, Daddy in 1977 and Momma in 1983. Thinking about all those that we have felt the pain of losing in January, Aunt Sarah Hargrove in 1978, Uncle John Webb in 1983. Unfortunately a little later I got a call from someone telling me Uncle CB left this earthly plane this morning. For years I have dreaded the month of January; cold, dreary days – and a sense of loss, sometimes I just want crawl back in the bed and sleep it away.


Firelight and shadows play on the

fields of my memory

Your voice, your smile

As fresh as yesterday

The snow falls to the ground,

the whole world is silent

with memories.

Yet somehow I know

you hear me when I say,

I still miss you today!


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