This is an unbelievably sad, nerve wracking day. This morning my 10 year old grandson did not want to go to school, his chief complaint was that his throat was hurting. He has allergies, so there’s a problem there and we just have to deal with that. His next complaint was that nobody cared about him, not me, his brother, momma, daddy, anybody. He’s being picked on at school, being called names – nerd, being made fun of because he wears glasses. Tried to explain to him that they can call him a nerd, they just might be jealous that he’s smarter than they are. Means he doesn’t have to work as hard to get the same understanding of some things as they do. It’s hard trying to explain to a child how uncaring and mean other children can be. He cried all the way to school – a MAJOR MELTDOWN – actually typical behavior for an Aspie when something like this happens.  Nonetheless, it was not a good morning. I had to get two teachers to help me forcibly get him out of the car and into the school, this has never happened before and I cried most of the way home and now I am mad.

His mom called the school and they are aware of a problem with a couple of sixth graders and supposed to be handling it. When he was in kindergarten at Hillsboro Elementary he was hit on and pushed around by an 8th grader and it took his parents and older brother and some other kids getting involved for it to stop. It only stopped after some other kids back the other kid into a corner and whipped him. Never should have happened, administrators should have taken care of the problem before it escalated to that point.

Over the past few days I have been reading posts that other parents, etc. have been in a group on Facebook concerning the bullying in the Marshall County School System and at West Hills Elementary in particular. It is very disturbing that this is not being addressed as it should be. Kids are equipped to only deal with so much crap and those with ANY kind of disability are less equipped than others. Bullying has been around seems like forever, I know – I was subject to it in elementary school because of being overweight, called names and made fun of. Eventually we strike back in some form. Marshall County recently lost a student to suicide due to bullying and no one doing anything about it.

I understand that sometimes this behavior comes from having been in a home or other environment where it was accepted and done to that child by others. I don’t believe in children fighting but at some point in time one has to stand up and fight back.

Bullies often pick on people who are different. It’s no longer politically correct to pick on people of different races or sexuality. There are laws against that. There are also laws covering physical disability but those laws become blurred when a disability is less obvious. Since people with Asperger’s syndrome generally look the same as everyone else, it’s easy for a bully to say “didn’t know” in their defense. There’s supposed to be a zero tolerance law on this, why isn’t it being enforced????

I’ve debated posting this on the blog but I think it’s important that people realize that this type of behavior is harmful to others. Parents/grandparents watch your children/grandchildren for signs that they are being bullied or that they are the ones doing the bullying. I know years ago it was just called “picking” on someone, but unfortunately over the years it has escalated to just more than “picking” on someone.


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