The Wanderer …

Top five places I’d like to visit are:

1. Ireland – search/see where ancestors came from

2. Australia – meet some relatives I don’t know

3. Alaska – would love to live there for a while

4. Virginia – go back to Historic Jamestown and Yorktown

5. Wyoming/Montana – something keeps drawing me towards the west

What’s your top five places you’d like to visit or visit again?


4 thoughts on “The Wanderer …

  1. Wow, what lovely places to visit! I’m sure I’d be happy to see those places myself. Though, my list looks something like this — in no particular order — 1. Italy (I’ve read too many beautiful novels centered here and am far too much of a food lover not to want to go!) 2. California (farmer’s markets, vegan/vegetarian food, old growth trees…) 3. Ireland (nature, magic, music, the color green) 4. Israel (food, culture, the med., dead, and red seas) 5. France (bread, outdoor markets, romance) And those are only the top 5! Have a good day… hope you make it to where you want to go!

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