Poll…..What would you suggest I write about in the “Twisted Thursday and “Freaky Friday” blogs???


4 thoughts on “Poll…..What would you suggest I write about in the “Twisted Thursday and “Freaky Friday” blogs???

  1. Hello there I am another 201 blogger and you commented on my blog which was really nice of you and you asked me to comment back on yours. I heard what you said about the expense etc, you can make a really nice blog though without upgrading. There are some really good examples out there. You have a lovely header, it matches your theme colour well. You might want to look at the chateaux theme too, there is so much you can do with that to make it look like a paid on. My suggestions to you would be to put your information, ie categories, archives, comments at the top of your side bar and promote others further down as your blog info should be priority, others secondary 🙂 Hope that helps x

  2. I voted other, because I would like to see you discussing (true) crime then. Something I am heavily interested in. And your education is highly interesting for me as well. I left a comment for you on the Cass of April 2014 blog about that.

  3. I have to observe a criminal proceeding for at least 4 hours and write a summary about the realities of the criminal trial system versus how it is characterized by the media. Then I have to write 3-5 page summary describing the criminal proceeding with a title page and an abstract…. yikes…. what made me think I could do this…lol

    • To me that all sounds excitingly great! I’m sure you can do it. Make lots of notes and don’t wait to long to write those out. Secretly and after posting this not so secretly anymore I envy the education you’re following. 😉
      But I do my self-made education in getting wiser in this field.
      If you can’t do the paid one, then you try other ways.

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