Twenty Minutes…Unlock the mind..

Hummmm, first challenge of Writing 101 – stream of consciousness free writing.
Why do I write? I write to give voice to my thoughts. What do I want to do with the rest of my life and why did I tackle this class in the middle of two Criminal Justice classes? Doesn’t make much sense except I am trying to get in the habit of writing everyday about stuff besides school stuff. The house needs a roof and it needs painting, the yard needs mowing and “the back 40” didn’t get mowed last week so it’s “knee high to a giraffe”. I just spent almost two hours moving in the back and still got another two hours to go at least before I tackle the rest of the yard. And, oh yeah, I got to finish writing a first draft book critique for one of my classes that is due by Friday. Nothing like trying to do it all this week….. yeah I know I procrastinated a little bit there. And, oh yeah again, I got to write an article on insurance for the magazine I write for and also for my insurance blog. Just thinking about all this makes me tired.

What else do I want to do this summer? Got the pool up, got to go get a canopy of some sort to sit under and I want to set up an outdoor kitchen. Grill is about to bite the dust so that means a new grill too. Got to get the herb garden done, so much to do and so little time. Sitting here looking out the window and knowing I got to get back to it. Wonder what my Mom and Dad would say about this place and about the grandkids?

I am finished with this exercise in futility…lol. I hope the next few days with these challenges will motivate me to keep writing, if not daily, at least every few days. With school I’ve let the blog kind of take a back seat and I shouldn’t. I need to get my “Twisted Thursday” postings going and pick back up with the “Freaky Friday” postings too.


Umm, maybe not an exercise in futility after all, set some goals here didn’t I? Happy writing everyone.


One thought on “Twenty Minutes…Unlock the mind..

  1. same here, i write in my blog to unwind and detach from work and school (i’m doing a part-time post-grad degree and work in finance). hope the BloggingU classes will start us walking in small (but sure) steps forward with our writing.
    good luck! 🙂

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