A Room with a View……Ireland

Second challenge of Writing 101… Calgon take me away. Away to the lush green hills of Ireland is where I long to be. Never been there but dream of going to the land of my ancestors. Sturdy moss covered rock walls to touch, old books to see and take a taste of the world renowned beer. Listen to lilting sounds of Celtic music and breathe in the sparkling sunshine filled winds. Bask in the sounds of the rough Irish brogue and delve into the history of the land.




Pictures are from http://www.ireland.com


2 thoughts on “A Room with a View……Ireland

  1. Ireland except the views has something which brings so much of the tourists or visitors attention… and it’s something that you can touch, hear or experience physically…

    I’m talking about the spirit of adventure, quite rarely seen in the corners of the world. There is some magic, when you drive around the ring of Kerry, going for the Cliffs of Moher or up the North even further…

    The only one thing which is needed is the weather. Today for example we have the first day of proper Summer with 25 degrees Celsius, which might be something like 77 Fahrenheit. Today is really hot, for us at least 🙂 Cheers from Ireland.

    PS Thanks for the link to my blog on the right… I haven’t learned how to do it yet 😉

  2. Someday…. and you are welcome on the link. Go to manage my blogs, at top click on Reader and look on right for Blogs I follw – edit and copy and paste link to whoever you want to show there

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