It’s Madness I tell you….

Fourth challenge of Writing 101…. Serial Killer…. Or posts in a series (yep, I’m still behind).  Twenty odd years ago I started writing a novel, here’s the first few pages… stayed tuned for more on the next serial writing days.

It’s Madness I tell you….

Introduction to the Flannery Clan of Southern Mississippi

It all started for me in 1968 in a little town in southern Mississippi.  Fall, a beautiful, colorful time of the year, frosty mornings and crunching leaves under foot.  One thinks of all the wonderful things – Halloween, Football Homecoming, Thanksgiving – family and friends getting together, making plans for Christmas.  But in the midst of all this is the Flannery family – not just an ordinary family mind you!  My first encounter with this family came when I was still young and innocent, still in high school and stupid enough to believe in love at first sight.

There were seven boys and one girl in this family.  None of the boys were married at the time I met them. Who knows why one choses who they chose to love.  I chose to be tangled up with Lawrence.  Why?  I don’t know, as I said before, I was young, stupid and it seems “in love” and as the saying goes, “Love is blind”.  Shortly after meeting this wacky family, I find out there’s definitely skeletons in the closet!!

In 1966, the oldest of the “clan”, Connor married his high school sweetheart, Brenda.  To these happy parents, Kelly was born.  That night Connor celebrated, so well in fact he forgot to come home.  In the weeks to come Connor stayed away more and more.  Brenda would follow him, catch him with another woman, there’d be fights, tears, broken furniture and forgiveness, over and over for more than two years.  Finally Brenda had enough, Connor went home to Mama, sans wife and child, no responsibilities, nothing to tie him down.

In 1969 Sean and Breanna marry and in December baby girl Anna was born.  Even before Anna’s birth daddy Sean is out on the town with Josie up to and including the night Anna was born.  This is an affair that lasts almost as long as his marriage, until 1982.  There’s really too much to go into with this lovely couple, that would be a separate book unto itself.

In 1982, Breanna discovers not only is Sean having an affair with Josie (who she had reconciled herself to and actually started to like), but there’s also Dorothea, Katerine and Ginger.  Now she is really pissed off, she takes Sean to the proverbial cleaners; he barely got away with his drawers. Now there’s another one back home to Mama, no responsibilities.

During this time Connor and Elaine meet and marry in 1969.  Connor Jr. is born in May of 1970, Vernon in March of 1971 (yes, that’s right, you didn’t miscount the months), and Andrea in July of 1974.  A happy marriage you say!! NO WAY! To the same old tune of beatings, more women, drinking, hiring detectives, etc., etc.  They divorce in 1979 and lo and behold, Connor is back home to Mama, only this time he “sees the error of his ways” and is determined to get Elaine back.  Countless hours on the phone, hundreds of dollars in roses, down on his knees at her work begging finally get him a reprieve.  Elaine marries him again in 1980 and two months later the beatings start again and another divorce and he’s back home to Mama again!!  Are we seeing a pattern here? NO?? Ok, and then read on my faithful friends.

……….stayed tuned for first chapters to follow with the next “serial” postings in the Writing 101 challenges.



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