Whispers and growls….

Writing 101 – Day 7 – Give and Take: Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.


Mango whispered, “Oh no, here it comes again!”


Fluffy yowled, “Why now, I’m so not ready for this???!!!!”


Mango whispered, “Me either.”


Nipper growled, “Let’s go!”


Mango whispered, “Where, there’s nowhere to escape to.”


Nipper growled, “we’ve go to go now!!”


Fluffy yowled, “I can’t leave now, I can’t find…… OH NO!!!”


Mango whispered, “It’s too late, it’s too lateeeeeeeeeee.”


Later that evening, Nipper sighed, “it’s just as well; we needed to stay here….”


Mango, Fluffy and Nipper soon fell asleep in the quiet night after the storms passed.


Lightning Bolts

*A supposed dialogue between the cats and dogs around this place with all the storms we’ve had the last few days.


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