Size Matters – Let it go….

Writing 101, Day Eleven: Size Matters

Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.

Interesting subject matter here today and I am not sure that I remember exactly where I lived when I was twelve. It had to be somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee, either in fifth or sixth grade. That being decided… I lived in a little (and I mean little) town in Kentucky with a population of about 600. I lived far enough out that I rode the bus to school but we could walk to the grocery store in town. I lived in a fairly small house with red brick siding, a big front porch across the front and a screened in porch on the back. I remember that big back porch like it was yesterday. The pump to the cistern was there and that is where we kept the wringer washer. In the summer we ironed the cloths back there too.

This house was nothing fancy, but it was home. We had a coal stove in the front room for heat and a wood stove in the back in the kitchen. We used the wood stove for heat and for cooking some in the winter. Nothing tastes better than a pot of beans and a cast iron skillet of fried potatoes cooked on a wood stove.

It was just me and my parents. We had several acres, don’t remember how many now. I know we had a tobacco allotment that we rented to some other people. We always had a big garden and canned a lot of food. Green beans, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach and I could go on and on. One thing that I remember was all the flowers mom had, long rows of irises down the side of the garden along with rose bushes. Oh, the purple lilacs; I can smell them now. Late in the evening when work was done we’d sit outside. I remember the smells of honey suckles and lilacs and roses. Makes me sad remembering those times but glad I lived it.

Those were the best times and probably the hardest times too. My father became very sick when we lived there and never seemed to get better. He did live many more years but the quality of life wasn’t good most of the time. This place has some bittersweet memories. This was back in the 1960’s when they were building Interstate 65 through Kentucky and the spur to get off and on came right through our property. It was sad to have to sell and move. This was next to the last house we occupied in my home town. We moved into town to First Avenue and not long after that moved to Monterey, Tennessee. I haven’t lived in Kentucky since then. It seems kind of strange since before every time we moved away, we always came back.

A lot of things are the same around that town and a lot has changed. Like I always say ‘ the more things change, the more they stay the same’.

This picture is not my house, just random building in the town.


Letting Go..

The people have changed

Yet they are the same

The town is crumbling down

They make parks while the weeds take over

the boarded and lifeless gray houses.

So many years I’ve held on

Now you don’t really matter

I always felt you were home

No matter where I roamed

Now that is gone

It’s really not a mystery

You’re just part of my history!!

© June 12, 2010


One thought on “Size Matters – Let it go….

  1. Thank you for sharing. that is interesting. I love to hear about how fast things changed in America during those times. Interesting to think of a huge highway being built when you were growing up.
    Sounds like a lovely garden. I remember growing up in my first house there were several flowers I would go to and smell and it felt wonderful to be right there watching bloom and grow and have such a sweet fragrance. Gave me much to be thankful I was alive.
    I’m sorry to hear about your father I hope he had pulled through his illness when you were growing up.

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