Been there, done that…why you ask?? and a “Twisted Thursday” teaser…..

Time to get back in the habit of writing and blogging again, it’s been almost two months since I did anything on this blog. I have posted a couple of things on another blog that I have –

Just finished two more classes on my Master’s degree program. Thinking I am going to transfer to a different school as Liberty University just doesn’t offer these classes I want to take in the Master’s degree programs. No more classes until spring (Jan. 2015). Don’t know if I can actually finish this, as one gets older it is harder to concentrate and remember what needs to be remembered. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, just thought I could jump in there and go for it. Not as easy as it once was.

Been thinking a lot about my “Twisted Thursday” series I wanted to start. Hopefully will be able to pick that up again and run with it now. Watched the rerun of the Ghost Adventures Sharon Tate Ghost/Oman House episode (which was the Season 9 opener back in Feb.) the other night. Kind of fit in with the Charles Manson piece I did. This house is supposed to be built on a Native American burial ground, with that and close proximity to the house where the murders occurred there’s a strong possibility that something is going on there. David Oman who owns the house, directed the House at the End of the Drive, a movie based on his house and the murder of Sharon Tate.

Some crazy weather happening in Middle TN the next few hours with rain, tornado warnings, hail and strong wind warnings, flash flood warnings and a strong cold front moving through tonight. Should be an interesting next 18-20 hours around here.

Got to get my crap together – trouble is can I remember where I put it????


‘Nuf said, time to move on and ramble on down the road watching the wind blow…


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