Semi-retired and trying to get the courage to write and get it out there so I can get some feedback. I blog to give my thoughts a voice, eventually I want to publish a collection of my blogs. I started a book many years ago and put that up to raise and family, work full time and then go back to school after my kids were grown and grandkids came along. I’ve recently looked at the poetry I used to write and posted some of it under http://teardropsfromthefuture.wordpress.com. My goal had always been to publish my poetry, I guess this is one way of doing it for now.
I spent more years than I want to think about working for someone else and making them money with little appreciation. Now it’s my turn.

I have also added another blog about insurance: http://insurancebitsandpieces.wordpress.com

Email me at: cherokeewind@live.com


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