Positive Thoughts

On being positive – there’s an old adage – if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all. Sometimes that is the best choice. We all have days we are down, bummed out and just aggravated and sometimes it is hard to stay positive. We choose how we react to situations, no one controls that but us. We can choose to react in a negative manner or we can choose to just focus on the positives.

I really think that the more we can bring being positive into our lives the better off we are. I know that being negative all the time can lead to stress which in turn can lead to health problems. I worked in a situation for a LONG time where the negativity was so bad all I wanted to do was walk out.

That is one thing to enjoy about being your own boss, being able to just step back if one gets upset about something and let it go. I have the power to change my focus yesterday, today and all the tomorrows for as long as I live.

Change just one thought per day… think about it.

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Wacky Wednesday – yes we all need a little good crazy in our lives!! 🤣🤗😏😜
Is there anything you do that is off the wall to release stress. Watch cartoons, funny movies, read a funny book, just be a nut?? What do your kids do, grandkids do? Video games, play outside? You’re never too old to just let it go and enjoy life outside of the daily grind. You have to do that to be productive/creative.
Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

Hello, I’m back…

Today… after more than 2 years away from blogging and not much writing either I’ve decided to jump back in.  I’ve been doing that with painting the last few months too.  Writing and art… both good therapy and cheaper than a “shrink”… 🙂

It’s been a nutty 2 years, finished my Masters in Criminal Justice, my son started a business and then started work full time so I’ve kind of inherited doing what he was doing when I feel like it. Been to lots of cool places for craft shows, met lots of talented people and found a lot of very interesting things and more still coming.

My plans are to bring back my “Twisted Thursday” posts and add several other types such as: general posts, food related posts, fashion/makeup/nail care posts and maybe a few more.

So… I’ll be “seeing” you again soon…

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Water and more water….

Ok, Ok, now that’s enough rain for a while.  Whole yard flooded – front, back and sides.  It’s finally gone down some but I am ready for this to be dried up.  Not fun, just glad it didn’t get high enough to get to the house.  Weather is too cool for little ones to play in the water, so there’s no fun to be had.  Even now, 6 hours after the rains, it’s still up.

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Been there, done that…why you ask?? and a “Twisted Thursday” teaser…..

Time to get back in the habit of writing and blogging again, it’s been almost two months since I did anything on this blog. I have posted a couple of things on another blog that I have – www.insurancebitsandpieces.wordpress.com.

Just finished two more classes on my Master’s degree program. Thinking I am going to transfer to a different school as Liberty University just doesn’t offer these classes I want to take in the Master’s degree programs. No more classes until spring (Jan. 2015). Don’t know if I can actually finish this, as one gets older it is harder to concentrate and remember what needs to be remembered. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, just thought I could jump in there and go for it. Not as easy as it once was.

Been thinking a lot about my “Twisted Thursday” series I wanted to start. Hopefully will be able to pick that up again and run with it now. Watched the rerun of the Ghost Adventures Sharon Tate Ghost/Oman House episode (which was the Season 9 opener back in Feb.) the other night. Kind of fit in with the Charles Manson piece I did. This house is supposed to be built on a Native American burial ground, with that and close proximity to the house where the murders occurred there’s a strong possibility that something is going on there. David Oman who owns the house, directed the House at the End of the Drive, a movie based on his house and the murder of Sharon Tate.


Some crazy weather happening in Middle TN the next few hours with rain, tornado warnings, hail and strong wind warnings, flash flood warnings and a strong cold front moving through tonight. Should be an interesting next 18-20 hours around here.

Got to get my crap together – trouble is can I remember where I put it????


‘Nuf said, time to move on and ramble on down the road watching the wind blow…

The last 45 years… a trip down memory lane

My how the world has changed over the last 45 years. Yep, this year I have been out of high school for 45 years, graduated in 1969. Thinking about a couple of school reunions coming up in the next two months made my mind drift back to all the things we did (or didn’t do) as teenagers and young adults. We didn’t have a TV until I was a senior in high school so there wasn’t a lot of TV watching at my house. I listened to the radio a lot –

transistor radiosBurnt up a lot of those small transistor radios listening to WLS Chicago. Played a lot of records 45’s and more on the little portable record players. We thought we were on top of the world if we had a portable record player that we could grab up and take from room to room or even outside.portable record player Then it was the 8track players, then the cassettes, then the cd’s and the Walkman and on to the MP3’s imagesR7HFFRD0    ipod-nano-4th-generation-2B   and IPods.


Now if I want to walk on the treadmill I just plug my phone in and play music through the speakers on the treadmill. Yep this is my next phone, just ordering it…. The Amazon Fire.

It’s pretty amazing that this little phone can do everything the big IBM computer I worked on back in the early 80’s could do and SOOO much more. Hard to believe all the changes just in this little bit of technology.

The changes at the schools I went to are sad in so many ways. The high school in Park City, KY is no more, torn down and only an elementary school there now Park City High School    The school I graduated from in Leipers Fork (Franklin, TN) is gone for the most part, office is gone, home ec building is gone. Cafeteria and gym and a few classrooms left now.  Hillsboro School      That’s where we have our reunions and remember that no matter how bad we thought it was back then, we really had it good and were too young and foolish to realize it.

Don’t get me started on the cars, used to be able to fix a car with your hands and a few tools. Now it’s mostly computers running them to and you need a degree to figure some of it out along with specialized tools. Take a 2003 Dodge 1500 – trying to replace an oil pump takes an act of congress…. Well ya got to pull the front half of the motor off anyway and then there’s the three – yes 3 – timing chains. I remember learning to drive in a 1955 Chevrolet that seemed to stay broken down more than Jerry could keep it on the road running. Always seemed to be a problem with the gears and the linkage, etc. Wish I had that old 55 right now, it would be a lot better than the stuff we have around now. At least it wasn’t made of fiberglass and would take a hit without flying in 50 different directions. While I love the technology and what is supposed to be better on gas, it just doesn’t seem to make much sense some days. I paid $2.89 a gallon today for gas and that was with more than $ .30 a gallon off with my Shell Fuel Rewards card. That $ .35 per gallon is just a distant faint memory these days

Most of us had a pretty good childhood whether we are willing to admit it or not. We played outside without having to worry about someone snatching us. We had chores to do but we also reaped the rewards of hard work. Working in the garden, or tobacco fields or hay fields, taking care of the chickens, hogs, cattle, horses, etc. – it all had to be done and we did it and we played hard too. I don’t ever recall being bored and most of the readers of my generation will probably agree with me. Now all I hear out of my grandkids is I am bored, but they don’t want to work or do chores or do anything except sit on their butts and play video games.

I hope within the next year or so this will become a working farm. Fencing should be done by then and horses here as well as a few head of cattle, maybe a goat or two and some chickens. Definitely planning on a garden, need to become more self-sufficient for sure.  Till then I’ll just keep my memories close.

See ya on the flip side, have a Happy, Sunny week my friends.  smiley

A Novel Idea…..

Why is it so hard to sit down and write??? The words are there, I just can’t seem to make them go down like I want them to. I have been trying to focus on work this week and now trying to get into working on my novel. The novel is really a work in progress for sure. And, it is not progressing along very well. Maybe it’s just time to put it up again and start on another project that might be less painful. I really need to focus on something that doesn’t tear me apart inside when I get into it. Maybe this is not such good therapy after all. This is just not happening now. Moving on….