Photography 101 – Treasure

Show us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close.

Not really what I had planned when I read the description of this challenge.  While walking around the back fields today I saw these – while they are not a treasure to me they could definitely be to the birds during the cold.



Photography 101 – The Natural World and #NaBloPoMo

Capture a moment, big or small, and pay attention to the lines and curves produced by nature.

Since my pictures of the deer chose not to cooperate with me I am using a couple that were taken early in the spring.  An announcement from Mother Nature that warmer weather was on it’s way then.



One of my favorite winter photos is from the backyard where I used to live.  It was used by the company I used to work for as a Christmas greeting on our emails one year.


Wildflowers and weeds – what do we see?

While out mowing today I stopped to look at the wildflowers blooming.  Yes, they are wild,  but they are beautiful.  I love my roses and other flowers but there’s just something about these growing wild, yeah they’re just weeds but look at the beautiful flowers they have.

IMG_20140823_124117 IMG_20140823_124142 IMG_20140823_124244 IMG_20140823_124356 IMG_20140823_124442 IMG_20140823_124626

What was I thinking….?

Wellllll…… this week has certainly been an interesting week to say the least. Been a while since I wrote anything For some unknown reason I decided to go back to school to get my Masters in Criminal Justice! What was I thinking????? Oh Lord!!! A lot of interesting reading… and having to remember how to write in APA format again. I have to find a trial to observe for 4 hours and write about it. Made some calls last week to the local courthouse and found out I had just missed what they called “a good one”, a murder trial. Well, I guess that would have been a good one to observe, however, somehow I feel blessed that I did miss it. Got something coming up in a neighboring county that might work so we will see. One of the most interesting parts of this class is where we have disciplinary assignment – starting with a 2 ½ page professional memorandum on documented histories of officers lying in official matters and then as the Chief of Police of a municipality one of my officers has been investigated for inappropriate use of one of the computers in the patrol division. The officer is a 15 year veteran with only one other action against him from an at fault traffic accident 10 years before, I have to decide how to handle this situation and write at least 2 ½ pages which has to be added to part one.

Then in another class we had to pick a book to read and critique, I chose Criminals of the Bible. This is a historical account of 25 biblical crimes, the people involved, the consequences of their actions, and the lessons they learned. It describes the crime at the time, what the crime would be now, the punishment from the Bible and what the punishment would be today. Again, what was I thinking……?href=””>36_19_4.



Man I need a break sunshine
And I did take one… I went to the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap at Henry Horton State Park this morning. When we moved last year I left all my plants. Only bought a couple of rose bushes last year. Trying to start flowers new this year and had a blast seeing some people I knew and meeting new people came home with starts for several plants, some seeds, herb plants and tomato plants. Ready to work outside in the yard and planting flowers if this rain ever stops….




Now back to the studying, and I am looking forward to the next Blogging U Challenge – Writing 101. Need the motivation to keep doing this regularly. I have temporarily put my “Twisted Thursday” and “Freaky Friday” posts on hold for the next few weeks until I get back in the groove with school and all the rest of the daily grind  