Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from Tennessee, where it’s a “balmy” 35 degrees and cloudy.  Sun tried to peak out a few times but finally gave up.  I hope everyone, everywhere has been able to enjoy family and friends.



Photography 101 – Landscape and #NaBloPoMo

It’s a big world out there! Show us what you see in a landscape.

Out my back door this past winter.  Cold but beautiful.

Shadows snow]

Site of the first landing where first settlers came on shore from the James River.  Since 1607 the river has eroded about 25 acres of this part of Jamestown Island.  The original shoreline was close to the present edge of the river channel, a little more than 100 yards offshore from the seawall.  Gives you chills to be standing in the same spot where the first settlers came on land.

307732_2124468147389_1573442828_n 315490_2124458467147_121583201_n



Photography 101: Moment and #NaBloPoMo

Capture a fleeting moment and experiment with blur and movement.

That moment when you know it’s gone from being silly to completely over the top.

Photography 101, Weekend Two: Play With Light and #NaBloPoMo

We’ve practiced shooting outside, getting different kinds of shots, and experimenting with light. This weekend, let’s build on these skills.

This is a series of shots from a few days ago.  Trying to get the feel of what I as looking for when I posted for “Solitude”.  Took several from different angles of the cog that is mounted at the entrance to The Factory at Franklin in Franklin, TN.

Photography 101 – Mystery and #NaBloPoMo

Show us something uncertain, and manipulate light around you to enhance the mood of your image.

Used some crazy setting in my photo editing after downloading pix taken with my Fire Phone.  The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Spring Hill is being re-acted this month at the battlefield at Rippavilla just outside of Spring Hill, TN.   These flags line the driveway to Rippavilla.  Battlefield definitely looks different with the GM Plant across the highway now.

IMG_20141115_144342_hdr2 IMG_20141115_144412_hdr Image1 Image2

Photography 101 – The Natural World and #NaBloPoMo

Capture a moment, big or small, and pay attention to the lines and curves produced by nature.

Since my pictures of the deer chose not to cooperate with me I am using a couple that were taken early in the spring.  An announcement from Mother Nature that warmer weather was on it’s way then.



One of my favorite winter photos is from the backyard where I used to live.  It was used by the company I used to work for as a Christmas greeting on our emails one year.


Photography 101 – Day 1 Challenge – What does home look like? & NaBloPoMo #3

Photography 101 – Day 1 Challenge – What does home look like to me?

When I think of home, I think of a safe place, a place to grow and learn and be loved.  My mother always had roses and many other flowers, there was seldom a month that was half way warm that something wasn’t blooming.  When I see roses I think about her.  My roses are still putting out new growth and blooming even though we’ve had several nights in the lower 30’s and upper 20’s this past week.

IMG_20141030_171058            IMG_20141030_171110

Taken with my Fire phone but downloaded to my computer.