Photography 101 – Treasure

Show us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close.

Not really what I had planned when I read the description of this challenge.  While walking around the back fields today I saw these – while they are not a treasure to me they could definitely be to the birds during the cold.



Wildflowers and weeds – what do we see?

While out mowing today I stopped to look at the wildflowers blooming.  Yes, they are wild,  but they are beautiful.  I love my roses and other flowers but there’s just something about these growing wild, yeah they’re just weeds but look at the beautiful flowers they have.

IMG_20140823_124117 IMG_20140823_124142 IMG_20140823_124244 IMG_20140823_124356 IMG_20140823_124442 IMG_20140823_124626

The last 45 years… a trip down memory lane

My how the world has changed over the last 45 years. Yep, this year I have been out of high school for 45 years, graduated in 1969. Thinking about a couple of school reunions coming up in the next two months made my mind drift back to all the things we did (or didn’t do) as teenagers and young adults. We didn’t have a TV until I was a senior in high school so there wasn’t a lot of TV watching at my house. I listened to the radio a lot –

transistor radiosBurnt up a lot of those small transistor radios listening to WLS Chicago. Played a lot of records 45’s and more on the little portable record players. We thought we were on top of the world if we had a portable record player that we could grab up and take from room to room or even outside.portable record player Then it was the 8track players, then the cassettes, then the cd’s and the Walkman and on to the MP3’s imagesR7HFFRD0    ipod-nano-4th-generation-2B   and IPods.


Now if I want to walk on the treadmill I just plug my phone in and play music through the speakers on the treadmill. Yep this is my next phone, just ordering it…. The Amazon Fire.

It’s pretty amazing that this little phone can do everything the big IBM computer I worked on back in the early 80’s could do and SOOO much more. Hard to believe all the changes just in this little bit of technology.

The changes at the schools I went to are sad in so many ways. The high school in Park City, KY is no more, torn down and only an elementary school there now Park City High School    The school I graduated from in Leipers Fork (Franklin, TN) is gone for the most part, office is gone, home ec building is gone. Cafeteria and gym and a few classrooms left now.  Hillsboro School      That’s where we have our reunions and remember that no matter how bad we thought it was back then, we really had it good and were too young and foolish to realize it.

Don’t get me started on the cars, used to be able to fix a car with your hands and a few tools. Now it’s mostly computers running them to and you need a degree to figure some of it out along with specialized tools. Take a 2003 Dodge 1500 – trying to replace an oil pump takes an act of congress…. Well ya got to pull the front half of the motor off anyway and then there’s the three – yes 3 – timing chains. I remember learning to drive in a 1955 Chevrolet that seemed to stay broken down more than Jerry could keep it on the road running. Always seemed to be a problem with the gears and the linkage, etc. Wish I had that old 55 right now, it would be a lot better than the stuff we have around now. At least it wasn’t made of fiberglass and would take a hit without flying in 50 different directions. While I love the technology and what is supposed to be better on gas, it just doesn’t seem to make much sense some days. I paid $2.89 a gallon today for gas and that was with more than $ .30 a gallon off with my Shell Fuel Rewards card. That $ .35 per gallon is just a distant faint memory these days

Most of us had a pretty good childhood whether we are willing to admit it or not. We played outside without having to worry about someone snatching us. We had chores to do but we also reaped the rewards of hard work. Working in the garden, or tobacco fields or hay fields, taking care of the chickens, hogs, cattle, horses, etc. – it all had to be done and we did it and we played hard too. I don’t ever recall being bored and most of the readers of my generation will probably agree with me. Now all I hear out of my grandkids is I am bored, but they don’t want to work or do chores or do anything except sit on their butts and play video games.

I hope within the next year or so this will become a working farm. Fencing should be done by then and horses here as well as a few head of cattle, maybe a goat or two and some chickens. Definitely planning on a garden, need to become more self-sufficient for sure.  Till then I’ll just keep my memories close.

See ya on the flip side, have a Happy, Sunny week my friends.  smiley


Writing 101, Day Twenty: The Things We Treasure

For our final assignment, tell the tale of your most-prized possession. If you’re up for a twist, go long — experiment with long form and push yourself to write more than usual.

I have a lot of “things” that I treasure. A lot of collectibles that can’t be replaced etc. What I treasure most are the memories I have of my parents, my other family members that have gone on and of my children and grandchildren when they were little. I still have a small grandchild that makes memories for me daily and those I treasure as well. I think if we stop and look around us we will realize that it’s not the material things that we have that we should treasure. Yes, our possessions are important and most of us worked hard for what we have and as I’ve said a lot of what we have probably couldn’t be replaced. However, those things mean very little to nothing in the grand scheme of our lives. What means the most, or what should be mean the most is our families and our faith in whoever or whatever each of us believes in as a higher power. Speaking for myself, it is my family and my faith in God that I treasure beyond all else.

I have those “things” that I enjoy and like to have around – you know the sports stuff for us die hard, bleed blue Kentucky Wildcat fans or Tennessee Titan fans. Some of things grace my walls and all I have to do is look up from this computer and see the big blue UK logo or prints of football and basketball players. The Native American prints on my walls along with the pictures of my grandchildren, those are all things that are important to me but I can live without them.

20140630_225755_1 20140630_225812

At the end of the day what I treasure more than anything is when my grandkids tell me good night and give me a kiss and hug, those little arms around your neck make all the other crap worthwhile and can make a horrible day into a pretty good one.   smiley

Random thoughts

Writing 101, Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop the Rockin’

On this free writing day, remember the words of author Anne Lamott: “I don’t think you have time to waste not writing because you are afraid you won’t be good at it.”

Calgon bubblesor Jack in the Black or Margarita or something …. take me away. This has been the proverbial week from hell(o). I’ve been sick  sicklyall week and trying to finish two classes for school. Had two papers to write and got to study for final exam. Finally gave up and withdrew from a class that was starting this week so I can get over this crap that usually takes a month to get back to normal.

Been trying to mow the “back 40 acres” for the last couple of days but it keeps interrupting me with rain and more rain. Looks like a pasture for sure now, going to need a bush hog this time I think. Finally got some of it mowed yesterday for about 3 ½ hours and today it’s coming a flood again. Mr. Weatherman what’s up? weather.

Got to find a laugh somewhere in all this. Busy with work on top of that, this part time freelance stuff is worse that full time sometimes but the others make up for it in the long run. If it didn’t I would never have been able to start writing again. Looks like this weekend has ended in a bust as far as getting anything done outside today. We’ve been taking down a building to move to where we live, was going to try to finish that today but too much rain going on. Going to be hot this next week for the 4th of July looks like, however even the pool is not cooperating with me. It has a leak, so had to drain it and try to get it patched first of the week so it will be ready for the weekend. You would think a pool would last more than a couple of weeks before springing a leak for the price we paid for it. Grandkids had a blast playing in it, especially the 2 ½ year old, so it’s been worth it.

See ya on the flip side 36_19_4

Dear River…

Writing 101, Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration. If you need a boost, Google the word and see what images appear, and then go from there.

Today’s twist: write the post in the form of a letter. You have a number of options: you can write a letter to the word or an image, or an open letter to the world inspired by the word.

Just received a book in the mail today – World Wonder Saved – How Mammoth Cave Became a National Park. Thought I’d take a look at it since several of my ancestors owned land that is now part of the national park. Opened it to page 29 and there’s a picture of the river boat on Green River which runs through the park.

Dear River,

How I long to float down stream on your gentle currents listening to the sounds of nature. Gentle breezes abound with the winds cooled from the cave. It has been way too long since I felt the gentle rock of the river boat.

Pictures are from 1978 or 1979 not sure which year, on the boat and walking down to the ferry launch.

Green River Mammoth Cave 1978 or 79

It’s Madness I tell you….

Fourth challenge of Writing 101…. Serial Killer…. Or posts in a series (yep, I’m still behind).  Twenty odd years ago I started writing a novel, here’s the first few pages… stayed tuned for more on the next serial writing days.

It’s Madness I tell you….

Introduction to the Flannery Clan of Southern Mississippi

It all started for me in 1968 in a little town in southern Mississippi.  Fall, a beautiful, colorful time of the year, frosty mornings and crunching leaves under foot.  One thinks of all the wonderful things – Halloween, Football Homecoming, Thanksgiving – family and friends getting together, making plans for Christmas.  But in the midst of all this is the Flannery family – not just an ordinary family mind you!  My first encounter with this family came when I was still young and innocent, still in high school and stupid enough to believe in love at first sight.

There were seven boys and one girl in this family.  None of the boys were married at the time I met them. Who knows why one choses who they chose to love.  I chose to be tangled up with Lawrence.  Why?  I don’t know, as I said before, I was young, stupid and it seems “in love” and as the saying goes, “Love is blind”.  Shortly after meeting this wacky family, I find out there’s definitely skeletons in the closet!!

In 1966, the oldest of the “clan”, Connor married his high school sweetheart, Brenda.  To these happy parents, Kelly was born.  That night Connor celebrated, so well in fact he forgot to come home.  In the weeks to come Connor stayed away more and more.  Brenda would follow him, catch him with another woman, there’d be fights, tears, broken furniture and forgiveness, over and over for more than two years.  Finally Brenda had enough, Connor went home to Mama, sans wife and child, no responsibilities, nothing to tie him down.

In 1969 Sean and Breanna marry and in December baby girl Anna was born.  Even before Anna’s birth daddy Sean is out on the town with Josie up to and including the night Anna was born.  This is an affair that lasts almost as long as his marriage, until 1982.  There’s really too much to go into with this lovely couple, that would be a separate book unto itself.

In 1982, Breanna discovers not only is Sean having an affair with Josie (who she had reconciled herself to and actually started to like), but there’s also Dorothea, Katerine and Ginger.  Now she is really pissed off, she takes Sean to the proverbial cleaners; he barely got away with his drawers. Now there’s another one back home to Mama, no responsibilities.

During this time Connor and Elaine meet and marry in 1969.  Connor Jr. is born in May of 1970, Vernon in March of 1971 (yes, that’s right, you didn’t miscount the months), and Andrea in July of 1974.  A happy marriage you say!! NO WAY! To the same old tune of beatings, more women, drinking, hiring detectives, etc., etc.  They divorce in 1979 and lo and behold, Connor is back home to Mama, only this time he “sees the error of his ways” and is determined to get Elaine back.  Countless hours on the phone, hundreds of dollars in roses, down on his knees at her work begging finally get him a reprieve.  Elaine marries him again in 1980 and two months later the beatings start again and another divorce and he’s back home to Mama again!!  Are we seeing a pattern here? NO?? Ok, and then read on my faithful friends.

……….stayed tuned for first chapters to follow with the next “serial” postings in the Writing 101 challenges.