Photography 101 – Day 4 Challenge – Bliss and #NaBloPoMo

What do I think about when I hear the word “bliss”?  They way I feel when I hear my grandkids say they love me.  Especially the little one when he says “I wub you to the moon and back”.   The look on his face when he got to dance and jump in the muddle puddle this spring.  After the rain and posting yesterday about the mud puddles I had to find the pictures I took of him and share.

Con D playing in the mud2 Con D playing in the mud


Water and more water….

Ok, Ok, now that’s enough rain for a while.  Whole yard flooded – front, back and sides.  It’s finally gone down some but I am ready for this to be dried up.  Not fun, just glad it didn’t get high enough to get to the house.  Weather is too cool for little ones to play in the water, so there’s no fun to be had.  Even now, 6 hours after the rains, it’s still up.

IMG_20141014_074227 IMG_20141014_074234 IMG_20141014_074243 IMG_20141014_074317