Driving anywhere…..Pay attention, be safe

We were sitting at the train crossing on Liberty Pike in Franklin yesterday morning, foot on the break and about a car length between me and the car in front when the car behind me hit us. Had just picked up Jenny and Connor after his dental surgery and he was still feeling bad. Got out and the lady said her foot was wet and slipped off the brake pedal. Well, maybe it did but had she been a safe distance behind us it would have never happened. More like she wasn’t paying attention. People, wake up!! Don’t tailgate; leave some space between you and the car in front of you. Use some common sense. If I had been right up on the car in front of us I would have hit it. Don’t you know you can be sited for failure to maintain proper control of your vehicle??? What is it with people that you can’t pay attention to what you are doing? Don’t ride someone else’s bumper when you stop and when you’re driving. I know that people will cut in front of you with less than a car length; they did it to Sammy all the time when he was driving OTR. It’s even more dangerous to do that when you cut in front of a semi. It’s not worth that extra 2 seconds you MIGHT gain by being right up on someone, cause if you hit them you’re going to lose more than 2 seconds believe me.